Keep Your Kids Learning With Scholastic Learn at Home for Families

Engage your children with ready-to-go activities for grades PreK–5.
Aug 05, 2020



Keep Your Kids Learning With Scholastic Learn at Home for Families

Aug 05, 2020

Give your child’s learning a boost with a subscription to Scholastic Learn at Home for Families! These fun, educational activities for children aged 4–10 will keep your child engaged as they work through the materials at their own pace.

The subscription fee of just $5.99 per month gives you unlimited access to materials across all grades, so your child can move up or down grade bands as needed, exploring topics that will fascinate them.

See What's New This Month

Grades PreK–K

Health & Safety: Exercise

Animals: Nocturnal Animals

Kind Kids: Being Kind

Kind Kids: Be a Good Sport

Grades 1–2

Health & Safety: Sharks

People & Places: Dollars & Cents

Animals: Australian Animals

People & Places: Maps

Grades 3–5

Your World: The Cow’s Horn

Discovery & Invention: Golf Ball Cleanup

Back in Time: Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Please

Amazing Animals: Paw Prints

Every project in Learn at Home for Families is specifically set up to capture your child’s imagination. The activities are designed to help them hone their skills using an array of interactive learning methods, including:

  • Stories and paired exercises
  • Active play ideas
  • Outdoor activities
  • Award-winning videos
  • Interactive quizzes and games
  • Creative crafts
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Engaging slideshows
  • Stunning photos and maps

To learn more or to subscribe to Scholastic Learn at Home for Families, click here.


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