Use Book Bingo to Inspire Summer Reading

This printable puts a new spin on bingo to encourage your child to keep reading all summer long.
By Christie Burnett
May 29, 2017



Use Book Bingo to Inspire Summer Reading

May 29, 2017

“You can find magic wherever you look.?Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
—Dr. Seuss

Reading is such a great way to keep kids learning over the summer and, as shared in the 6th Edition Scholastic Kids & Families Reading Report (KFRR), 82 percent of children said their parents were key to encouraging them to read for fun. One of my favorite ways to keep kids reading all summer long is with a game of Summer Reading Bingo. Today, I'm sharing a printable bingo card that might just be the incentive your child needs sit back, relax, and find a little magic in a book.

How to Play Reading Bingo

1.?Print out one copy of the Summer Reading Bingo card for each of your children.?

2. Talk with your children about how Summer Reading Bingo is played. The card includes 25 different reading-related challenges. As each task is completed, your child can fill in the title of the book read and the date on his or her bingo card. You might like to agree a small incentive for each row, column, or diagonal completed, or plan a special treat or celebration for the completion of a whole card (or even one square).

3. Have your children start reading!

More Hints & Tips

  • Your younger readers may need a little help in choosing titles to suit each of the bingo tasks.?You might also select books to help complete some of the tasks together during your regular read-aloud time.
  • Looking for the perfect book to complete a task? Head out for a visit to your local library and ask the librarian for suggestions. In fact, "taking kids to the library" is cited by 66 percent of parents of children ages 6-11 as the top way they ensure their child reads over the summer, according to the Scholastic KFRR.
  • Sign your child up to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge?to?log?reading minutes, unlock activities, and earn rewards.?

One of the great things about Summer Reading Bingo is that it can be played using any book, at any reading level, so readers of all ages can join in the fun. Why not slow down, and start a bingo card for your own summer reading, too? After all, you are one of the best examples to inspire your children to read!

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